I would like to offer my good wishes of love, prayer, healing and recovery to Britain’s Prince Philip who is currently in hospital. Our thoughts and get well wishes to you and Her Majesty (HM) Queen Elizabeth II and family during this time. With Love & Kindness! IMAGE LINK | Created with CANVA.COM Related BlogContinue reading “GET WELL SOON.”


As I was not able to receive Ashes this year, I decided to make my own with a Christmas palm that I had saved for about 3 years, and followed this years practice to sprinkle Ashes on top of the head. My Thoughts To Share With Love & Kindness! 🙂 Image 1 – Link ImageContinue reading “ASH WEDNESDAY 2021.”


Mardi Gras is the day that is usually celebrated before Ash Wednesday. On this day there are celebrations of carinvals with beautiful colors, floats, masquerade masks, beads and feasts. Although Coronavirus has caused celebrations to halt or to be celebrated a bit differently, the spirit of such lives on to those who continue to desireContinue reading “MARDI GRAS 2021.”


Our thoughts of love and prayer to all who are being affected with the severe freezing winter storm weather in Texas that have also caused power outages that are dangerous especially for the much needed warmth during the severe cold, and also lead to potential deaths in- cases where hospitals loose power, the elderly, childrenContinue reading “TEXAS FREEZE.”


On the 3rd Monday of February each year President’s day is celebrated, this day was originally designated to honor founding father George Washington as the first President of the American Constitution of the United States of America. This day is now a day to celebrate all American Presidents. On this day of February 15th 2021Continue reading “PRESIDENT’S DAY!”


The following images are of my latest pencil sketch on paper that I created to share for Valentine’s Day and also President’s Day weekend. I also look forward to sharing the water-color version once completed. Please enjoy ROSE WINE! ROSE WINE | With Love & Kindness! 🙂