While there is much to catch-up on in terms of what is happening with the January 6th hearings being held within the U.S. Senate House at present. I know that there are many that hold former President Donald John Trump accountable for the violent end to his Presidency, because of the devastations that took place with the Capitol Riots. A few points that I will offer is that I do commend that you did serve your country without keeping your pay-check, as you decided to donate your earnings from your service as President. And as I have recently learned that your administration was accurate to claim that the COVID-19 health pandemic virus did stem from a Wuhan Supermarket in China.

I know that there are probably more commendable points from your Presidential term to write upon, but I also do know that news media portals are created to sway public opinion and political views. Just as we are seeing at present with the public hearing that is being broadcasted live on T.V. that could be viewed similar to a T.V. Serial drama.

We could also say that the balance has tipped too much on the Democratic side here, as the United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack contained 7 Democrats and 2 Republicans, with the 2 Republicans that were eventually censured from participation. The Committee was established to investigate if the Capitol Riots were inspired from President Trump.

I also think that it is important to reflect upon the underlying political attempts, such as the Senate grab for Power or a Democratic power grab? Which is also an interesting view within our fellow Republican Senator Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) recent video remarks. Senator Rubio condemns the Capitol Riots but has a view to offer that is beyond the macro-narratives or mass-public opinions with respect to the development of the January 6th House Committee.

During this delicate and fragile time of public hearings, I will hope that those who are hearing this testimony will also reckon that the Capitol Riots are domestic terrorism that should be condemned by all. And also to note that my views and opinions are not written to endorse particular candidates for running or re-running for a Presidential election. Thank you.

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