My thoughts of love, prayer and sympathy to all who take the time to remember the horrific and horrible tragedy that took place in 2016. A shooter killed 49 individuals with 53 wounded from a mass shooting in a nightclub, Orlando, Florida, USA. On the night of the attack at the Pulse Night-Club, the club was hosting a Latin Night, that led to most of the victims to be identified as Hispanic /Latino/a/x.

As I take a moment to remember I reflect upon one of the most deadliest tragedies that took aim and target at a specific population sect and individuals who identified as LGBTQ+; in the wake of this remembrance we are called to honor this memory as well as to think, re-think about ones own personal biases towards human sexuality / gender identity. And to also connect with the similarity of target population sect with the recent Uvalde tragedy in Texas, USA.

  1. PRIDE MONTH 2022.
  2. Helpful Link | onePULSE Foundation
  4. Twitter Link and handle | .@SenRubioPress .@MsSsHussain

In Loving Memory Pulse Memorial 2022. – God Bless You and God Bless America.

With Love & Kindness.🇺🇸

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