I would like to take the time to congratulate all the host cities that have been selected for the FIFA World Cup 2026. The FIFA World Cup 2026 is a soccer tournament that includes the 3 countries within the Western Hemisphere of, The United States of America, Canada and Mexico. Congratulations to the 16 cities!!! This is a wonderful opportunity to emphasize the uplifting of the human morale, in regions that have especially faced the devastation from the Coronavirus Health Pandemic Restrictions.

And as a form of sports diplomacy the FIFA 2026 tournament is also a mechanism that should reinforce the USMCA in-particular as we reflect upon the case of borders, re-opening borders, the trucker protests, lifting vaccine mandates, COVID-19 restrictions, and much more that affects the regional trade and partnership agreement.

In a special way amongst city selections, I would like to congratulate the city of Houston, Texas that I was cheering on right from the beginning as the Houston bid for a host city took effect. Congratulations Houston!! I am proud of your city selection, and reiterate my prior thoughts. Especially as we continue to keep all those who are affected from the tragic loss of Uvalde, Texas. I know that Houston is a strong city and will pull through this delicate time together. I appreciated visiting you in 2017 and especially loved the atmosphere and win celebrated at the Houston Dynamo Football Match as the BBVA Stadium, with the memorable spectacular Latino flavour of live music bands!! I wish you all the best for the continued success and development of Houston City and Texas State!

  • Image 1 – Link
  • Image 2 – Twitter Link and Handle
  • Slideshow images – all images are my own, photographed from my visit to Houston, Texas. Pictured on September 3rd, 2017.

With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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