I have written about the ecosystem of life as a way to think about our daily living in previous writings, but wanted to revisit this as I thought of routine, and what we could term as mundane tasks. It is east to feel tired of much of the same each and every day. But thisContinue reading “A MOMENT OF ZEN!”


As nations begin to reemerge from the Coronavirus health pandemic; in terms of re-opening schools, businesses, economy and the many more industries that have been affected with the health pandemic, we can focus upon the families who have lost loved ones. Grievance has taken a toll, as well those who have suffered from illness. ButContinue reading “SOCIETAL SYMPTOMS!”

A Loving Moment!

Control, containment and necessary precautions for the coronavirus virus COVID 19 crisis, may have caused a sense of fear within the human psych. And the truth is that fear itself can be the source and cause of depression, anxiety, or feeling sad. Fear can also contribute to physical effects, such as paralysis, or crippling ofContinue reading “A Loving Moment!”