As nations begin to reemerge from the Coronavirus health pandemic; in terms of re-opening schools, businesses, economy and the many more industries that have been affected with the health pandemic, we can focus upon the families who have lost loved ones. Grievance has taken a toll, as well those who have suffered from illness. But even if we did not fall into a specific category, maybe we have all been affected directly or indirectly with the Coronavirus pandemic? With effects upon mental / brain health, the psychological responses that we ourselves were not familiar with. We can think deeper in terms of human desire, fulfilment that extend beyond the individual. For example: fulfilling a purpose, getting involved within a community organization, starting a business, or joining institutions such as: educational, recreational and so on. In this sense we are moving towards a state of expansion, which especially occurs through feeling a sense of connectedness.

As nations begin to reemerge from the Coronavirus health pandemic; #ShaziaBlog #Quote #Coronavirus

Depending upon individual situation, impact and factors associated with the Coronavirus Pandemic, we can diagnose the societal symptom as a period of contraction. Where we have had to take steps back. Adjust and tend to the basic needs for survival. Which are necessary. However, rote and repetitive tasks can make one feel uninspired, which additionally contribute to the societal symptom. Cause distress, eventually leading to unhappiness and resentments.

diagnose the societal symptom as a period of contraction. #ShaziaBlog #quote #Coronavirus

Below is a contraction and expansion Chart taken from the book entitled: Happy For No Reason (Shimnoff, 2008). I found summary points such as these helpful, and a good demonstration of my thoughts.

(Shimoff, 2008)

These thoughts also convey / reveal the effects of macro-actions, i.e: Nation(s), society, community, to the micro; families and individual levels. As we begin to re-emerge, it’s important also not to feel overwhelmed by the need to do more and more, but rather; take small steps. Thinking of the same survival steps as inspiring steps, that are essential to stay on course as one begins to develop, create and re-create purpose.

survival steps as inspiring steps, #ShaziaBlog #quote #Coronavirus

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on May 17th 2020.

Book Reference: Shimoff, M. Happy For No Reason. New York: Free Press, 2008. Print.

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