Our thoughts of love and prayer to all who are being affected with the severe freezing winter storm weather in Texas that have also caused power outages that are dangerous especially for the much needed warmth during the severe cold, and also lead to potential deaths in- cases where hospitals loose power, the elderly, children and the sick. During this time I also think about the tropical plants and flowers in Texas which bloom during this time of year and the damages that farmers or crops may have also incurred. Texas is not used to such winter storms, many have been calling this winter freeze as once in a life-time, but I know that Texas is strong and has pulled through severe weather such as hurricanes and will get through this. I hope that power is restored to all so that individuals and families can stay warm in their homes, and also enjoy the winter weather once safety measures are in place. Sending lots of hugs, good wishes of strength and support to the regions of Galveston, Houston the state of Texas. I also extend these wishes many other parts of the USA that are bracing for winter storms.

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My Thoughts To Share With Love & Kindness! šŸ™‚

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