During a walk I was able to view the beautiful magnificence of the sunset that took place on the day of the Winter Solstice 2021, it is only after the day that I learned it was the day of the Winter Solstice, when one season becomes another. I absolutely loved the beautiful shades of pinksContinue reading “WINTER SOLSTICE 2021!”


For National Parks week I would like to share the following images of some plants / bulbs that I keep indoors which are the Bougainvillea and the Amaryllis flowers. I am pleasantly surprised with the amount of Bougainvillea flowers that have blossomed this year, in actual fact the most flowers that we’ve had in 7Continue reading “NATIONAL PARKS WEEK.”


Within this writing I am inspired by the efforts of Tilman J. Fertitta who supported student athletes, where I further inspired with Fertitta’s instagram post, hence this blog post that attempts to connect the inspirations from nature as we embrace the many emotions from life events, including many of natures forces.


These thoughts reflect upon the National Geographic documentaries about American National Parks and also the Grand Canyon. I am appreciating the visual learning, and wondered that there is so much more to know about a nation amidst the chaos of social issues that have been at the forefront of news / media.