On Sunday January 8th 2022 President Joseph R. Biden Jr., and delegation took a trip to visit the U.S. Southern Border where he landed in El Paso, Texas. A bipartisan group of Republican Senators also visited during this time. Aamid much criticism of the President’s handling of the migrants arriving from Central and South AmericaContinue reading “PRESIDENT BIDEN’S BORDER VISIT.”


My heartfelt thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives, colleagues, the film industry, fans worldwide and all who mourn the sudden life loss of Lisa Marie Presley. Marie is the only daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley that passed away on January 12th 2022 at the young age of 54. At thisContinue reading “LISA MARIE PRESLEY | MEMORIAM.”


I would like to take the time to congratulate all of the winners, nominees, support staff and all who make the Golden Globe Awards possible!! Congratulations!! I was proud to join you for the last 30 minutes of the Award ceremony that took place on January 10th 2023. I appreciated to see your beautiful gownsContinue reading “GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS 2023.”


January 11th is also known as Human Trafficking Awareness Day. This day seeks to raise awareness for the forced trafficking of humans in all kinds of forms. This includes slavery, human trading, sexual exploitations, and forced labor. It also includes forced marriage, the smuggling of humans and exploitations. While I think that the word consentContinue reading “HUMAN TRAFFICKING AWARENESS DAY 2023.”


I would like to wish Buffalo Bills Defense back National Football League (NFL) athlete Damar Hamlin all the very best for a speedy recovery. On January 3rd 2023 Hamlin was in critical condition as he suffered cardiac arrest on the field whilst playing with the Cincinnati Bengals. Today it was announced that Damar may beContinue reading “BUFFALO BILLS | DAMAR HAMLIN.”

Happy Three Kings Day!!! Feliz Día de los Reyes.

I would like to wish everyone that celebrates a very happy three kings Day!!! Feliz Día de los Reyes!!! Three Kings Days is known as the Epiphany / Little Christmas and is usually celebrated on January the 6th. Upon this day the Magi / The Three Kings visited the Christ child bearing gifts. Happy ThreeContinue reading “Happy Three Kings Day!!! Feliz Día de los Reyes.”


I was inspired to learn more about the app named TikTok that is owned by the Chinese company named ByteDance Ltd (Limited). Especially from Twitter posts that were shared from Florida’s Republican Senior Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), in-particular I was drawn to the views associated with TikTok as a threat for American Security. I tookContinue reading “TIK TOK ANALYSIS.”


On January 1st 1804 the Independence Day of Haiti was proclaimed. Haiti is a country in the Caribbean that was originally claimed as Spanish territory by Christopher Columbus in 1942 and known as Hispaniola. For this years Independence of Haiti I would like to share the image of Cathedral Notre-Dame that was considered as oneContinue reading “INDEPENDENCE DAY OF HAITI.”


As I decided that I would like to write upon World Day of Peace 2023, marked annually on January 1st as celebrated by the Catholic Church; I connected my thoughts to my previous blog post entitled: Scribe Value? What is the value? What is the worth? Does it even matter? Well the worth of theContinue reading “WORLD DAY OF PEACE 2023!”