Russia and Ukraine | Amidst the discussion of the Russia war in Ukraine that is the focal-point of the Macro-Government discussion, especially to limit, control and create behavior / change from Russia with sanctions. We see America demonstrate World Leadership, which was previously noted as unwanted from World nations, so we heard slogans such as America First and Make America Great Again (Former 45th U.S. President Donald J. Trump). President Joseph R. Biden Jr’s leadership is at the forefront during this very fragile time.

From the Russia-Ukraine situation I noted that President Vladimir Putin was briefed upon the casualties of war, the death tolls and impact from taking the action of war. Which should also give some-kind of indication to his next moves / actions / decisions.

Mostly I would have to say that I am actually very disappointed upon the decision and act of war. Especially as President Biden and administration took part in the Biden-Putin summit that was termed as “high Stakes” (June 16th 2021) with the location of the summit in Geneva, Switzerland, where the headquarters of the The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) exists. The sanctuary and roots of Humanitarianism that began with Henri Dunant (1828-1910).

There is also the case of the Sarin Chemical Gas Attack that happened in Syria (April, 2018), where Russia’s involvement with the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is still open to debate. Russia veto’d the U.S. decision for further investigation to determine accountability and responsibility. However, a report provided by the U.N. Security council has stated Russia as “enablers” of the Syrian Chemical Weapons (United States Mission to the United Nations, February 28, 2022), hence the White House warning to Russia, not to utilize biological weapons or such in Ukraine.

Venezuelan Secretive Talks | The eruption of secret talks with the Biden Administration and Venezuelan leaders have caused a stir, and especially internal division amongst Republicans and Democrats, which we could also term as “Partisan.” More recently I was pleased to see a visit from the President of Columbia Ivan Duque Marquez who met with The Honorable U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and then also with President Biden. Whilst of-course I really don’t know what was said between the leaders, except from media publications and posts, to mention the importance of bilateral relations between nations, I believe that America should not ignore issues / topics that concern Columbia, the U.S. Southern Border, Mass Migrations in Latin America, that stem from the Human-made / humanitarian crisis of Venezuela. As scholars have especially noted the spread of disease and illness that is going to result from deteriorating living conditions, poverty, migrations and much more. Hence the need to draw our attention to the region.

Instagram Post | @senatormarcorubio
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(Hussain, 2020)

Why It Matters | But to also address an instagram comment and response – with regards to securing the Southern Border to stop / limit migrations for health risk factors: I think that the Coronavirus health pandemic has taught us that health diseases do not recognize borders, thus the idea of porous borders. The quest to help and even care really result to the moral and conscious choices of nations. Where there is also a need to draw upon expert advice regarding regions, matters that concern America’s populations as well. To also denote that South / Latin Americas are complex regions that contain cultures, ideologies that are deeply entrenched within nations that require further investigations and mediators who are more familiar with issues; especially pertaining to criminal gang networks, gangs regimes. But this does not mean to say that real people who are faced with the realities of day to day challenges should not be helped or ignored.

Revitalization of the American Dream | Within the nation as a home there are of-course desperate challenges such as homelessness, poverty, individuals, families that are simply struggling, and living pay-check to pay-check. This is where I was inspired as I read the biography of The Honorable U.S. Senator Marco Rubio as a senior member of the U.S. Senate from Florida, USA. Amongst many accomplishments Marco Rubio is the son of Cuban Migrants, who is living and believes in the American Dream, especially inspired by his parents too. I was especially drawn to the idea of the revitalization of the American Dream. Where we can also connect to ideas such as Build Better Forward. This is also the beauty of public service, to serve human populations with good intent. Maybe it is the human form that comes to us? Simply as God in disguise?

My Embroidery Art | Entitled as My American Dream (May 13th 2021)

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Notes | These thoughts were originally hand-written on March 11th 2022. As I was typing and publishing I remembered the horror I felt from the April 2018 Sarin Chemical Attacks in Syria and would once again urge World leaders to stop any-kind of attack from ever happening again, as well as to connect with the urgent humanitarian / refugee crisis unfolding from the Russia-Ukraine war.

With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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