On May 13th is was the Muslim celebration of Eid-al-Fitr. As per usual I posted my wishes for a happy celebration to all who celebrate. Upon a personal level, whilst I may not be religiously inclined to partake in all the religious rituals, traditions and customs. But I do respect and observe the celebrations, particularly as part of my cultural heritage and family. Although relations have changed much over the years, how we decide to remember our root can alter due to health, personal circumstances or situations. These thoughts can be transferred to any celebration including the holidays of Christmas, Easter or Mother’s and Father’s Day. On Eid day I particularly reflect upon the historical relations between the Spanish, Catholic Spain and the Spanish Muslims that existed once in harmony in Spain. And of course those who have visited Spain will see the historical architecture as evidence of these once harmonious relations. Here I share a picture of me as I remembered the Alhambra of Spain, which was built by Nasri emir Mohammed ben Al-Ahmar as part of the Nasir Dynasty, the last of the Muslim Dynasty that existed in Granada, Spain. The Alhambra palace was then later utilized by Queen Isabella I of Castille who later reigned over Spain and was the Catholic Monarch. The Bougainvillea flowers in the background of my picture also offer a Latin American connection, as these flowers originate from Latin America. Whereas we know that countries such as Columbia, Peru and Cuba formed much of the Spanish Empire. With the inclusion of regions of America that I have been reading and sharing about currently.

Image Taken On May 14th, 2021.

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