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As the political and humanitarian crisis makes its way back to the forefront of the news media, once again I wonder how and when there will be rest and ease for Venezuelan’s, surrounding nations, and those who seek to assist the nation. Whilst I held-off on writing about Venezuela, it wasn’t because of lack of care and so forth. It was simply from the stand-point of repetition. But as I began to look back on my research about Venezuela, I was once again reminded about the political tensions, and why there is an attack and defence about who is Venezuela’s true leader. And of course it is known that former President of Venezuela: Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías hand-picked Nicolás Maduro Moros as his successor. Whist we do hear congratulations from leaders of nations to Juan Guaidó, who is claiming his legitimacy as President / leader and disputing Maduro; the wheel of crisis and turmoil is once again remade, when there is support, opposition and protests. Individuals on what we could term as the public masses, probably don’t understand the economy and how economics affects the prosperity of a nation. And the key question to any leadership really is: Who is going to lead the country towards success?

Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías hand-picked Nicolás Maduro Moros as his successor. #shaziblog #Venezuela

But even as there are congratulations, remarks and so on, I don’t think neighbouring nations, or North American counterparts are doing enough to de-escalate, calm or intervene, within the public political quarters. Well we could say that this is because of tensions that arose from Iraq, Iran, USA, the Puerto Rico earthquake and the Australian fire. And of course the issues are very real. But this example shows how world events shape and create politics, and where the focus of nations is placed, fixed, changed or swayed.

Sculpture of Teresa de la Parra – Venezuelan novelist, born in Paris and died in Spain.
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It goes without saying that the fires of California and Australia devastate local populations, natural habitat, animal and plant life. When we hear of these disasters over and over again, we become angry, because human survival is also dependant upon land; thus the arguments for “Climate Change.” As Images appear through all media outlets, or course there will be reactions. But it doesn’t mean that one is ignoring or does not care, when we think about the many issues that are occurring on a world-wide level. The after-math of the Australia fire saw nations gathering support for Australia, celebrities, athletes and organization giving monetary support. These gestures of good will are a good thing to do. But then I wonder: what would it take for political rest to happen in Venezuela?

human survival is also dependant upon land #ShaziBlog #ClimateChange #HumanitarianCrisis

By political rest I am simply thinking of a patten of politics, policy, that does not disrupt a nation on a day-to-day level. It is sad and unfortunate that Venezuela cannot help itself, even as being known for the largest oil reserves in the world. And even if others bring in the climate argument, use of fossil fuels and coal; it has to be said: ordinary Venezuelas are just trying to ensure their day to day survival. Which derives another question – Are political events being manufactured, so that Venezuela is purposely ignored? This assumption can be true. Especially when we are reminded that Venezuela is a majority Catholic nation. Yet the Arabs / Saudi’s are widely known to be the rich oil wealthy nations. Maybe there is less care for Venezuela, from the standpoint of religion?

Are political events being manufactured, so that Venezuela is purposely ignored? #ShaziBlog #Venezuela

We can weigh in on the why’s? Why not? But the truth is that Venezuela’s potential can only once again flourish with political rest and certainty. Being the wealthiest with oil reserves might be true, but it doesn’t mean anything when this wealth is being sabotaged by poverty, manufactured political crisis, humanitarian crisis’ that are all a result from world political events and unrest.

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Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on January 15th, 2019.

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