Compassion And Crisis.

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The truth is that the Coronavirus is taking a toll upon human life, with death rates increasing by the day. It was announced yesterday that the USA now leads with the highest amount of cases and death rate, surpassing China, Italy, and Spain. Of course it goes without saying that one single death is too many. With gratefulness and thankfulness to all who are leading the way, caring, treating and preventing the loss of human life as much as possible; I question and wonder – were we really prepared for such a crisis? Did we understand the magnitude of a such a crisis?

I question and wonder – were we really prepared for such a crisis? Did we understand the magnitude of a such a crisis? #ShaziBlog #Coronavirus #Covid19 #CoronaCrisis

We can as previously written speculate, assume that this virus is a mis-use of bio-technology, and biology as a threat to human-kind. But now it has hit us. Of course there should still be those who continue to step up to those who would use such weaponry to fight the invisible wars / threats. There is no doubt that this is a type of weaponry / mass destruction. Revealing human-kind turning against each other, misusing the creative force to destruct. When essentially our creative force is to create, cultivate and allow life giving forces to flourish, enhance as we populate. But now we are seeing its effect. The mass casualty of this invisible war, within our very own lands and soil.

The mass casualty of this invisible war, within our very own lands and soil. #ShaziBlog #Coronavirus #Covid19 #CoronaCrisis

Devastated and distraught. We try to cope with words such as the “new normal.” But really we haven’t had a chance to truly accept what the “new normal” is. The quick announcements of lock down, stay-at-home, shut down, or work-from-home, no-school, border closed, were quick preventative actions, but no-one fully understood its effect. Whilst we continue to hope that they are temporary, preventative measures, we are trying to grapple with this new normal. Try to think that everything is normal – when really it is far beyond the normal.

And we will see that normalizing without embracing the emotion of what the new normal looks like, will eventually lead to the creation of more crisis. So it goes without saying that mental health, the psychological impact is important to address. And to understand that if emotions are going to go up and down, the highs / lows, then that is okay. It is okay to feel this way, to allow for time for the processing of these emotions. Whilst there is a higher level of preparedness at the macro-levels, this does not necessarily mean that the microcosm will adapt at the same speed / levels.

At this delicate time where students, employees, businesses, sports and entertainment world, religious institutions and many more are trying to adapt, through these periods there will always be emotional cycles, and sometimes we ourselves will not know what the emotional response will be, simply because events and encounters are part of the “new normal” and human adaptation processes.

Further Reading: The New York Times | Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on March 27th 2020.

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Q1With continued love, support and prayer, to all the injured, sick, suffering and to all who have suffered the loss of human life, our deepest sympathies and love. My thoughts to share with love & kindness! šŸŒ¹

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