Within this writing I reflect upon the recent readings and notes from the book entitled: “EL NORTE,” as related to my previous blog posts and current events, and why I feel that it is necessary to read and learn the American Hispanic / Spanish heritage.


This blog post page is to share and preserve thoughts as I read through the book entitled: “EL NORTE, The Epic and Forgotten Story of North America” (Gibson, 2019).


Within this writing I reflect upon President Biden’s 1st Joint Session of Congress Presidential address to the American senate. In particular to comment upon the child / families plan pre-school and college education.

Earth day, every day.

Within this writing I reflect upon Earth day as every day and take the time to connect macro climate strategies, micro / individual goals to include the human body that is also designed to give with the need for replenishment.


For National Parks week I would like to share the following images of some plants / bulbs that I keep indoors which are the Bougainvillea and the Amaryllis flowers. I am pleasantly surprised with the amount of Bougainvillea flowers that have blossomed this year, in actual fact the most flowers that we’ve had in 7Continue reading “NATIONAL PARKS WEEK.”


Our thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends relatives, loved ones, former colleagues and all who mourn the loss of former Vice-President Walter Mondale. Mondale was the 42nd VP to President Jimmy Carter. Thank you for your service to a grateful nation. Rest In Peace VP Walter Mondale | 42nd Vice-President, United StatesContinue reading “VICE PRESIDENT WALTER MONDALE.”


On the morning of April 16th 2021 a tragic mass shooting took place in Indianapolis where 8 individuals whose lives were claimed in a FedEX facility, with many who are injured and hurt. I am deeply sad to hear of this event that are additions to the many strings of recent shootings. At this timeContinue reading “INDIANAPOLIS”


Our thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives, loved ones and a community who has been affected with the death of Daunte Wright, once again we are devastated to hear of a fatal police killing. At this time I send my condolences to Wright’s family, loved ones and child. Further Reading: TheContinue reading “DAUNTE WRIGHT”