On May 23rd 2022 I completed our Bougainvillea flower inspired embroidery. The flowers on our plant bloomed beautifully during the early months of Spring this year. This is the second time the flowers bloomed for us within a span of 8 years since I have been taking care of the Bougainvillea as a house plant. The first bloom was in 2021 as the 7th year in our care.

I decided to title the embroidery as: America’s Bougainvillea. Upon completion of the flower embroidery, I stitched 13 starts in the patriotic colors of the American Flag of Red, White and Blue. As a representation to honor the 13 U.S. service members that were tragically killed amongst many more Afghan civilians in the suicide attack of August 2021.

The connection of the Bougainvillea flowers is a deeply personal link. That embodies current geo-political events. Such as the Biden Administrations decision to withdraw the American missions in Afghanistan. Hence, the questioning that arose from Republican Senator and Vice-Chairman of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Marco Rubio (R-FL); remind us that a macro Government decision is not always met with approval, given that we hear of opposition in the realm of politics.

Which also leads us to the beauty of artistic creations that can serve as a mechanism for cultural diplomacy. In the case of this embroidery, to establish and maintain the link of Afghanistan with Latin America and the United States of America. A reflection of the time to serve and protect within Afghanistan, as we are also sparked with passionate interests and concern that are rooted from America’s proximity, cultural and historical heritages with Latin America. Thus, the Bougainvillea flower that originates from Latin / South America.

Please enjoy and welcome our – America’s Bougainvillea.

Additional Notes and inspiration: The project began on April 22nd, and was first shared via Instagram with my following notes: Well of-course the Bougainvilleas would inspire an embroidery project! – Senator Marco Rubio – Thank you for your service, and completed on May 23rd 2022. The colors selected for my initials on the embroidery were inspired as I saw the father of Fred Cuellar – Our Air Force Veteran Alfredo Hector Cuellar’s tie colors. I added Navy blue threads with White pearl, woven with the Pink thread as the petals of the Bougainvillea flowers. It is always great to see you looking healthy and well!!! Thank you.

Instagram Post @shaziashussain14325 (Currently set as a private account for safety and personal security)
Facebook Post via Diamond Cutters International. May we present our loved Air Force Veteran and the father of Fred Cuellar otherwise known as The Diamond Guy – Alfredo Hector Cuellar !!! Thank You For Your Service! 🙂
Image of me – Pictured on April 29th 2022.
Love to bake our Bundt decorated with Bougainvillea Flowers.

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Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on May 24th 2022.

Stitched with heartfelt love, kindness and woven into history. With love & Kindness, thank you!🇺🇸

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