The truth is that the other day I was faced with a choice. I wanted to take some time for a response, but the urge in my heart was created than anytime that was given for what is perceived as time to think, feel or act upon. As simple response was uttered. I Love You Jesus. It is true. Through till the beginning and end of time, eternal, everlastin, even as we pass through this earthly life – through time and space. But with this utterance is an even deeper philosophy which stems from the unification of the Abrahamic religions, the cord that links – the one God, the major faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, to purport a love based upon interfaith unity. But this done not mean to say that there are not tensions, agreements or disagreements found within the various faiths. As customs, traditions and much more intersect with a faith. To a more progressive ideology, one that stems from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, to that of actualization. Maybe we swing up and down this hierarchy of needs, based upon needs met or unmet. But it is this feeling of accepting you and I as is.

I embrace the divine in you. As you embrace the divine in me. Taking the practice of faith / spirituality to a higher level, to that of our human consciousness, the beautiful conscious mind that is the beginning of creation. What allows us to think and act accordingly. To the very breath that one breathes, the beating heart that pumps blood within our beautiful flesh. We could link my ideas to that of NAMASTE.

Whilst I know that there will be +/- views and opinions to these ideas, I know that life experiences teach us to realize life is a beautiful gift. Its pleasure and enjoyments should be accepted as God-Given. And when I choose to say God, you are also free to define God as you choose to, just as I am.

Maybe in reality my way of thinking is considered a luxury? Especially as we can think about the current events of what is taking place in Afghanistan. I was recently inspired as I saw images of girls going to school, which were a stark contrast to those depicting violent scenes of devastation, destruction and masses of people trying to leave the country. The peaceful scenes of girls going to school reminded me of the first instruction that the Arch Angel Gabriel gave to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as “Read.” As I think of Islamic regimes, strict conventions, customs and traditions – I reflect back to the simple word of: Read. And I somehow feel sad for the radicalization, extremity found within religion. We could connect the desire to educate the mind / intellect to that of women’s rights, especially as Khadija bint Khuwaylid also known as Khatija (May God Be Pleased With You) was the first wife of the prophet, and a successful business woman.

To connect upon President Biden’s response from a foreign perspective. I think that the situation is complex. It is the duty and obligation of nations not to neglect a war situation, and advocate for peaceful negotiations. But from a military stand-point, if the Taliban believe that they can lead Afghanistan without foreign interventions as I commented earlier, maybe it is better for the Taliban to decide what is best for their nation? I know America is smart, intelligent as well as knowing that one must take a risk. And I also know that as in life as difficult as it is – one must also learn to stand alone …..( Below is my full comment via Instagram.

Instagram Comment | Thank you @davidmuirabc for sharing this inspirational news piece, it is always encouraging to see the dedication of of girls going to school. The images reminded me of my time in pakistan as a young girl as I was enrolled in an all-girls urdu school for 1 year. We would wake up to go to school as early as this. I know that the USA is facing criticism about the Afghanistan decisions, but one thing that puzzles me the most is that even Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani chose to leave, which leaves us to question the responsibilty of the current situation in Afghanistan. But then again if the Taliban feel that they will lead the nation better, then maybe it is a moment to take a step back, watch and wait and see. Thank you.

But I am sure there are many regions / nations such as Pakistan who would support Afghanistan. I wish that the Taliban will appreciate. Amidst the War In Afghanistan, the mission that were carried out for peace, the hard-work and dedication of Americans, that one day you will perceive us as your allies. I know that America has faced criticism from the rapid decisions that are even evolving as I write. But then again I wondered why President Ashraf Ghani also decided to leave what he termed as his “loved land.” We could also become critical of his decisions. Leaders who love their nation, breathe, live for nation. And breathe the last breath for the love of nation.

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Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on August 17th 2021.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU! I would like to take the time to thank World News Tonight 20/20 Anchor David Muir. Muir’s reports and social media posts via Instagram and Twitter inspired and encouraged me to write this blog post. Thank you.

With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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