The truth is that as I have been learning and writing summary / reflections of the chapters from the books entitled: “EL NORTE” (2019). I decided that maybe it is time to reflect upon this process, as I thought about learning as doing something. Although the book is one view from a writer, we can see the thorough research that is drawn from many sources. Within this process it is the learning that can or cannot shift a view / opinion. Almost as though when one decides to take a bubble bath; there is a process involved, and our state is slightly altered from this process. Within this example, we can say bodily cleanliness – a process to nourish the soul and fulfilling a basic need of the body, that is quite often taken for granted. We read, write, learn, summarize, depending upon the material, we are engaged in a process, in this case: learning.

With the reading of “EL NORTE,” I began with a certain curiosity and you could even say a type of sadness, especially as the history of the Spanish Missions, Hispanic / Latin American is some-what being erased, from what is populated. We could think about learning in schools, educational institutions, and that of the politic. The political as to what decisions are made and what is considered important.

AFGHANISTAN – At present we can think about the Afghanistan situation such as a tennis ball game, the ball is served from one side to another, thus; you are either in or you are out. But is it that simple? I thought that even if America knows that American Troops in Afghanistan should come home, there is also the concern for humanity. Now if America wants to withdraw, we can think of how these decisions will be considered by Global / International communities. And a call for international organizations, human rights law and advocates. To propose at the level of human consciousness – what is consciously and morally right?

But it probably goes without saying that the years of efforts and missions in Afghanistan will be erased or dismantled as the Taliban seize control. But could this be a tactic on the part of the Taliban, because they don’t want America to leave? Either they will control / govern with the countries best interests, or will create turmoil for attention and foreign interventions. Given the escalation of violence, it only seems right that America would do what is right and accept some sort of responsibility. And as I wrote earlier, it was better to think of a strategy, because when all is said and done, if Afghans like the USA presence or not – I am sure that Afghanistan reckons with the strength of its nation and the backing of the United States of America. There is a time for war and a time for peace. Earlier this week I commended the Biden administration for sending more troops to Afghanistan, given the escalation of violence. But ultimately there has to be resolutions, resolve and a concern for the vulnerable, including what Afghanistan believes if best for its nation.

VENEZUELA – We could turn our gaze to the Western Hemisphere and Venezuela. It is with gratefulness that we first heard of the Biden administrations efforts to support negotiations for the situation in Venezuela. Negotiations are necessary and for all parties to be heard – it is the idea of sanctions as a strategy that concern me. Whilst sanctions are strategically designed to curb the undesired actions of a regime, it is once again humanity that suffers, thus; the humanitarian crisis. The following is an excerpt from a paper that I wrote in 2020 as part of PHD research, please note that during this time the Trump Administration was in effect.

Hussain, S. S. (2020).

EL NORTE” – In terms of the Spanish Missions – I think everyone may have a different view or opinion, but it is this very idea of the founding of America. Yes, I acknowledge that the indigenous were already present in the lands, but it was Christopher Columbus’ expeditions that allowed for the Americas to be known to Europe and Britain. The discovery of the Americas is rooted from the Spanish Missions, explorations and expeditions. You cannot deny that. As we move through time periods, we realize the many battles that took place, what Mexicans claimed as theirs was originally Spanish, and the same can be said of the Anglos and French.

Throughout time we learn the appreciation of the Spanish Missions, but only when people missed what once was. But it was the decisions of leaders / regimes that affected those who just wanted to survive. I think I have reached a point in the book where I felt that the United States “French” realized the responsibilities founded from American Imperialism, and individuals who took on vast efforts efforts to preserve the Spanish History, along with the making of America through technological, industrial and hydrological revolutions.

I look forward to reading what comes next – and once again consider this reading important given my philosophy with regards to social movements, that often become so loud, leaving the voices of other significant populations and histories sometimes often silenced. These views can be connected to the situation in Cuba that is now foreshadowed by the many current events that are evolving as described. Which also makes us think about how political institutions decide upon focus, but it takes the efforts of all to create awareness when there is a cry for help.


Gibson, C. (2019). EL NORTE The Epic and Forgotten History of Hispanic North America. New York: Atlantic Monthly Press.

Hussain, S. S. (2020). The Impact of the Political and Humanitarian Crisis Upon the People of Venezuela.  [Unpublished Manuscript]. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Further Reading:

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on August 14th 2021.

With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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