On April 23rd 2022 there is a call to action and march designated for the citizens who support the statehood of Puerto-Rico with the bill entitled as HR. 1522. It is on this day I would like to take the time to offer my support to the Puerto-Rico leadership and populations who are in-support ofContinue reading “HR. 1522. SUPPORTING PUERTO-RICO STATEHOOD.”

Feliz Día En Español.

On April 23rd 2022 the United Nation’s has designated this day to celebrate the language of Spanish. As the Spanish Language Day. On this day I would like to wish you all a very happy Spanish Language day, that is translated from English to Spanish as Feliz día en español. The language of Spanish withinContinue reading “Feliz Día En Español.”


I would like to wish the U.S. Army Reserve a very happy 114th birthday! The U.S. Army Reserve celebrates their birthday on April 23rd. We are proud of your contributions during the two World Wars, the Cold War, the Korean, Vietnam, Persian wars, on-going missions and support. The U.S. Army Reserve is located in almostContinue reading “U.S. ARMY RESERVE.”


On Earth Day 2022, I join Local, National, International, World leaders communities and individuals to support the Global advocacy for Earth Day 2022. Earth Day is designated for our human duty and obligations to protect the Environment. On this Day and every day I wish for healthy living spaces, habitats for the human and animalContinue reading “EARTH DAY 2022.”


Religion and race have always had a way with the clash between politics. The clashes, collisions have taken place historically and up to the present day. Where we hear of the divides between Church and State, or the deep rooted connections between Church and State. We could take the organizational view to the level ofContinue reading “REFLECTION | EASTER 2022.”

EASTER 2022.

Easter Sunday – On April 17. 2022 it is the day of Easter Sunday. This is the joyous day when the resurrection of Jesus is celebrated. Thank you to all that make Easter Commemoration and Service possible. Happy Easter!!! Easter Vigil – Vigilia Pascual is the Easter Vigil Mass and the first mass the officiallyContinue reading “EASTER 2022.”


On April 15. 2022 the U.S. Air Force Reserve celebrates the 74 years young birthday! For this day I would like to wish you a very happy birthday! Thank you for your service, sacrifices, dedication and loyalty. Image Link Twitter Handle links | @SenRubioPress @MsSsHussain With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸


On March 14. 2022 it is National Borinqueneers day. This is the day that commemorates the U.S. soldiers of the 65 infantry who took part in the both World War’s with Korea (1950-1953) which mainly involved Puerto Rican soldiers. Whilst I haven’t written about this National Calendar previously, I am proud and pleased to learnContinue reading “NATIONAL BORINQUENEERS DAY.”


My thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to everyone who has been affected with the horrific shooting that took place early morning on April 12 2022, in a Brooklyn Subway Train, New York. It was reported that at least ten individuals have been shot, with sixteen injured, and that there are five individuals who areContinue reading “BROOKLYN SUBWAY TRAIN, NEW YORK.”


As I was taking the time to reflect and digest upon the various opinions and views associated with President Joseph R. Biden Jr’s decision to lift Title 42. I decided that I would take the time to formulate an opinion / view to share. Before we could either decide to agree, disagree, or remain neutral.Continue reading “TITLE 42.”