On July 5th 2022 President Joesph R. Biden Jr., awarded 4 Vietnam Veterans the Medal of Honor. The recipients are named as follows: Specialist 5 Dwight Birdwell, Major John Duffy and Specialist 5 Dennis Fujii, and a Post-Humous Medal of Honor to Staff Sergeant Edward N. Kaneshiro. I would like to take the time to join you within this momentous occasion to say my congratulations to those that are selected as recipients, as I decided to join you virtually for part of the ceremony. I appreciate that the Vietnam War Veterans went above the call of duty to serve the nation of America, and especially in ones woundedness still found strength and determination to engage in battle, to protect and defend. And to the the Post-Humous awardee, whose gun-shot wound, led to the ultimate sacrifice, we honor and remember you, with victory, dignity and respect. And it is in hearing and seeing of the awardees we also find the renewal of strength, determination and resilience. Thank you for sharing the July Medal of Honor Awards. And thank you to our Hero’s!

With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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