For the purposes of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) the summit is held in Madrid, Spain 2022. I am pleased and appreciate that leaders of NATO have gathered at Madrid, Spain for this summit. I wish you all the very best during your discussions and conversations that are important to NATO as an alliance, and as part of an International / Global dialogue.

I was especially encouraged to see the meeting of President Joseph R. Biden Jr., First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, with His Majesty (H.M) King Felipe VI, King of Spain and Queen Letizia of Spain. I appreciate that within your conversations that you have taken the time to recognize that the formulations of the United States, began with the union of the 13 states, the revolutionary war and victory achieved with Spain. In a special way to mention General Bernardo de Gálvez, the Spanish Military General that is viewed as an American Hero and assisted with the Independence of 1776. It is important to recognize that the Spanish Expeditions began from Christopher Columbus, and were also when first contact of the Americas was brought to Europe and Britain.

The recognition of this vital history is important for America and Spain, given that lands and territories were inherited from the Spanish Empire. And especially for the creation and deepening relations between nations at present day. Given that America must recognize the very populations within a nation stem from this history.

As leaders are gathering within Madrid, Spain, a country that is in Europe where the Russia and Ukraine war is also taking place. I reflected upon the fragility of the nations that surround the war zones, and especially to note how current events will shape the meetings and outcomes from the summit.

I found it interesting that Russian language is also offered on the NATO website, when NATO has condemned the war actions of Russia, thus; to also recognize from an American Political view point – that even as the United States of America is aiding Ukraine: this is not America’s war. And to also note the tragedies that take place upon the homeland that require Presidential attention. Specifically to focus upon the topics such as the U.S. / Mexico border, migrations, and vulnerable populations. Many within the populations of America, including politicians and law-makers are concerned that large funds pouring into Ukraine from America. When America is also being stretched from the ripple effects that have stemmed from war, including the sharp rising of prices at the grocery stores, gas prices, inflation, and much more.

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With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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