On March 8th 2021 Dr. Jill Biden delivered a speech to celebrate women and the recipients for the Women of Courage awards ceremony that was held as a virtual event. It was lovely to see the First Lady participate in the events held by the Biden Administration / state department. I absolutely loved your colorfulContinue reading “INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!”


Within this writing I am reflecting upon the symbol and memory of Christ’s suffering that is derived from the Crown of Thorns. I connect these thoughts to the historic traction of the Greek Olympians wearing a crown that is made with olive branches and wonder of the inherent connections between obtaining a title, winning a championship and the suffering and hard-work that is associated with accomplishments.


Within this writing I connect Texas Independence Day to present day nation / state building and maintaining, and also our beautiful Texas and Mexico state blue bonnets.


These words are written to reflect upon Women’s History Month, notable women throughout history, as well as women and men who inspire each and everyday to influence and enable the contributions that women make, to further connect with my own personal desire to honor and feel thankful for my own life. Happy Women’s History Month!


On the 3rd Monday of February each year President’s day is celebrated, this day was originally designated to honor founding father George Washington as the first President of the American Constitution of the United States of America. This day is now a day to celebrate all American Presidents. On this day of February 15th 2021Continue reading “PRESIDENT’S DAY!”


Our thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to all who mourn the loss of George P. Shultz. I was deeply saddened to hear of the loss of Shultz especially as we live among many individuals who contributed to the historical formation of America and do not know about their existence only to know when weContinue reading “GEORGE P. SHULTZ”


Within this writing I reflect upon the mind-set of the researcher and the teacher and the backend forth that one must delicately dance to to perform the requirement of the various roles. I connect this idea to the topic of the George Floyd Protests.