The truth is the other day as we were taking the time to have a conversation around the table, I reiterated that I don’t think that any form of extremism is a good idea and that in all the spheres of life, a type of balance is necessary. And even if there are individuals and groups who support ideas associated with radicalism and extremism, energy will always find a way for this balance; given that the human body requires operative levels for homeostasis.

My reflections interested me and I decided to write them down, as I heard the words of radicalism and extremism via social media from President Joseph R. Biden JR’s speech. I actually did miss the live Prime-Time speech, but later on decided to take a read of the transcript and watch parts of the recordings. Below is the facebook status I shared as connected the above paragraph.

I appreciate that President Biden is trying to unite Republicans and Democrats, when he says that he doesn’t represent red or blue states, but all of America. In the best of realities we would hope that this is true, and I think as a President there is possibility that one could do this. However, this idea then intersects with poll numbers +/- % points, in terms of favor of the Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and all-kinds of political parties and individuals. Thus; to recognize the difficulties associated with remaining neutral.

I appreciated the location of the Battle for the Soul of the Nation Speech, that took place in the historical Independence hall, Philadelphia. As mentioned this was the location where the two very important documents of Americas formation were signed: The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Historical Presidents that were mentioned are Franklin Delano Roosevelt and President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Momentous historical events such as: Abolition, Civil War, Suffrage, Great Depression, World Wars and Civil Rights were also mentioned.

While I have conveyed appreciation for these histories, I found a great paradox. As we further note the rhetoric of President Biden, that describes America’s past as to “obsess.” As we then must negate the histories of place, person and events within the speech.

I have always appreciated the learning of histories to further understand how we have arrived at our present moments. Histories can describe what we value at our present moment, and what is also left out. To recognize people are also associated with histories. Therefore, subtractions of specific histories are a genocide of people. Examples include the very lands of Americas formation that was conquered by the Spanish Crown, who also made first contact with the indigenous people, Hispanic populations of all-kinds – the European settlers, the Puritans, Pioneers, Pilgrims and so on.

“Histories help a nation define what it is.”

Gibson, 2014, p. xx

President Biden was critical of Republicans who value Rule of Law greater than the U.S. Constitution. When one places higher value upon country I would argue that the U.S. Constitution takes precedence, however; both also go hand in hand. The U.S. Constitution’s fundamental principles recognize polity. These thoughts connect well to the idea of politics and the weaponizing of politics. Should this ever occur? In my view: politics should never be utilized as a political tool to hurt, harm and abuse another. When violences such as these become normalized, then we have to take a moment to stand back, to reflect. Violence should never be normalized, and we cannot allow the same cycles of violence to repeat.

Thus, to recognize that politics is where there is agreement and disagreement. Where views and opinions collide, to find some kind of common ground. To achieve what the goal of politics is.

As an addition I did note the circulation of one particular image of President Biden delivering his speech, but there were also many more that could have been shared, what about the President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden Kiss?? Images are also a type of political message that are utilized to enhance one’s view or opinion.

As a positive from President Biden’s speech, I decided to pick words that provide a sense of hope. For the preservation, protection of America’s values, and keeping the American Dream alive. Of-course there are more words that can be found. You could also try this as a way to analyze the speech, critically reflect, or as part of a classroom activity in a civics, politics or a related high school course / class.

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  • Image 3 – Link | The White House website image of President Biden delivering the Soul of the nation speech. Please note that this is not the image that I was referring to within the contents of my writing, I have shared this image to convey neutrality.
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Reference: Gibson, C. (2014). Empire’s Crossroads: The Caribbean from Columbus to the Present Day. Pan Macmillan.

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on September 7th 2022 and amended on the 8th of September to include the word pilgrims. All views and opinions are my own and are written as a response to the Soul of the Nation remarks as delivered by President Biden. Other topics of consideration is the U.S. Mexico border, illegal human trafficking, drugs, and the Texas migrant truck tragedy.

With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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