I took the time to reflect upon democracy and democratic spaces. While it is important to preserve democracy, I wondered do we ever discuss or what should be constituted as a democratic space, where democratic discussions take place?

For instance – the students who come together in a classroom, the individuals are from various backgrounds, but in the best of conditions are considered equals amongst the spaces of the classroom in-person or online, to engage within public classroom discussions.

The same should be thought about as we think about the U.S. Senate that are Republican or Democratic. Individuals from various backgrounds are elected and are given equality, with the title of Senate Republican and Senate Democrat. To engage within public, political discussions that can happen in the U.S. Senate Chambers of Capitol Hill, Washington D.C., USA, within one’s home state, and just about practically anywhere, when we connect to online communications.

In both scenarios from students in the classroom or politicians of the U.S. Senate, one is situated in a type of democratic space to carry-out discussion / dialogues / debates, with some-kind of individual equality. Where one’s voice is equally valued and protected.

We can connect the same thoughts to individuals who are not protected, neither possess a title, or are in a democratic space – for instance: a civilian that needs attention to health, or a doctor that embraces the value of do-no harm. Should such notions of democracy be sought of during various health conditions, or the daily day-to-day spaces one encounters on a regular basis?

Dedications: It is with these thoughts I continue to wish students all the very best as for the school year of 2022-2023, and to U.S. Senate Republicans and Democrats that are seeking to be elected or re-election. I wish you all the very best during this time. I thank you for all your efforts as elected officials. And beyond the titles, I know that we are all human, and that there is much more pending for an elected Government official, such as the fulfillment of one’s purpose as one’s source of livelihood. Thank you for your continued service and passionate commitment to serve. God Bless You and God Bless America!

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With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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