I took the time to reflect upon my previous thoughts pertaining to the Student Debt Relief Plan / Program announcement. I continue to affirm that the decision will help student populations, as well as for the preparations of post-pandemic / COVID-19 relief measures. The top-down announcement also conveys a message from the President, to protect the future minds, and to curb gun / mass / school shootings of all-kinds.

The patterns of occurrences evoke the idea of civil unrest and civil war, that I find as unjust to civil societies / populations / nation; whose life becomes under-attack. Individuals are unable to put proper safety concerns at the forefront as there are no formal declarations of war. These thoughts can be viewed as absurd. But to reiterate the cycles and repetitions of shootings can absolutely evoke views formulating alignment.

As an aside from the above thoughts, I didn’t include these thoughts in my previous writing (s) as I wanted to keep focused upon the positive points. keeping in-line with the enthusiasms that arrive with students that are going back to school. As we continue to pray for the hopes, aspirations, dreams of present and future generations.

Politics Aside | Please also note that these views are sought to think about what is in the best interests of students. To reflect upon: national security, the trauma / impact that is caused to students, teachers and school communities, when they hear, witness or are directly involved in a school shooting. To also include that Education attainment and educational success is a key measure of a nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).


With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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