As I took the time to reflect upon the 1 year anniversary of the protests that stemmed from Cuba, in the wake and creation of the uprising that demanded freedom for the people of Cuba; I reflected and shared what I think is also viewed as the risk of voicing publicly, what is felt internally. And especially pondered if the risk is somewhat reduced or increased when one voices the fragility of human conditions as a collective voice, that is termed and viewed as protests, marches and so-on.

The uprising was also led to Miami, Florida, USA. I think that there was protection offered for this voice, especially as U.S. Legislators also took upon the cause to Capitol Hill, Washington D.C., USA in 2021. While voices and movements such as those are similar to public protests that take place quite often outside of the White House, and the more recent pro-life and abortionist activists, outside of the Supreme Court, Washington DC., USA.

I reflected upon the Cuba People and especially this idea of human consciousness. As even when individuals are often limited on a daily basis, given the struggles of living / life conditions. There still is this idea that at least one is able to think, feel, or have some type of freedom of thought. But I would also argue that the freedom to think, human thought is also attacked; as exterior is affecting interior. Thus; to recognize why individuals are caused to act.

Quite often or very often one does not recognize this as a form of abuse, human trauma, because the direct physical affects cannot be seen per se. Although these too will manifest with time. But this is also the peculiar nature of humans, where we demand to see the effects in physical forms in-order to act. In-order to proove that something is real. Yet, I found that there is much more that one can see if thinking and feeling states are altered.

I continue to wish that all human beings are able to live fully, healthy and wholesome life. To pursue the desires of the heart, even with any-kind of limitations. The very right to live and life, comes with the birth right of being born. This is also why human beings have created laws and legislations for our human rights and dignified right to life.

I wish for the reductions and eliminations of human suffering for all. While this writing focus is upon Cuba, they are also to all who have expressed such human constraints, especially also associated with the Global / International residual effects created from the COVID-19 health pandemic.

I appreciated the action items that are contained within the recent read in ADN America from Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) entitled: Sen. Rubio Calls U.S. to Support Cuban Freedom, especially for the request of a humanitarian presence, such as the Red Cross in Cuba.


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Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on July 13th 2022.

With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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