I would like to take the time to join in with all who commemorate the Tug Boat Massacre that occurred on July 13th 1994. This was when 72 individuals decided to board a boat that is called a Tug Boat, in the desperate efforts to escape the Castro Regime. The boat was newly renovated and called the 13 de Marzo.

As the Tug Boat was on the way to the United States of America, in the search and hopes for a better life for the individuals on-board, the boat sank. 41 individuals sank with the boat, and 31 individuals were rescued. The sinking occurred from an attack by the 2 Tug Boats named: Polargo 2 and Polargo 3. They were ordered by the Cuban regime to chase down the 13 de Marzo.

I reflected upon the individuals who desired to escape, and a regime that wanted to keep hold of its people, and questioned that even if the individuals desired to escape the Castro regimes, the Cuba / Castro regime fell at a loss, given that it is responsible for the death of its own people.

My thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to everyone who suffered and sacrificed their lives on the day of the Tug Boat Massacre. To the victims and survivors. 13 de Marzo.

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With Love & Kindness. 🇺🇸

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