I wanted to offer a note upon the recent Afghanistan threat as I felt saddened to learn of this especially as I believe that the United States of America (USA) has taken part in homeland defence as well as peace-keeping missions within Afghanistan. Leaderships must understand the monetary and human-cost that is associated with war. And thus if leadership believe that there is no reason, or even a security threat to be present in Afghanistan, then of course decisions have to be made. But as I have written previously – an informed or strategic withdrawal, with a different kind of USA presence, might be a better solution. Although this also takes takes negotiation with USA-Afghanistan leadership as well as military organizations such as the Taliban.

It is with these words, I would like to offer a quote from a recent documentary that I watched entitled” “Wings of Honor” to evoke our thoughts, where a World War II veteran says that: in war there are no real winners (Wings of Honor, 2009).

World War II veteran says that: in war there are no real winners (Wings of Honor, 2009). #ShaziaBlog #Afghanistan

Reference: Please note that I am not able to provide a complete reference at this time and have provided the URL for the documentary that was produced in 2009 as follows: Wings of Honor

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