My thoughts of love and good wishes to all the athletes competing at the Paralympics 2020, that was delayed for one (1) year and is taking place in 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. It is inspiring and encouraging to view those who have (dis) abilities taking part with the sport. Whilst the Paralympic is necessary for equal competition of the impaired, I also believe that these individuals are human beings, and should be viewed as more that an overcoming and accomplishing from being disabled. I know that you all are determined, resilient and congratulate you for taking part in the Paralympics 2020, I wish all the teams of the nations the very best of luck! As well as to thank the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) for supporting such events! And to emphasize the same Olympic Peace message as I wrote for the Olympics 2020, Tokyo, Japan.

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UPDATE | On September 5th 2021 the Paralympics held their official closing ceremony of the 2020 Paralympic Games held in Tokyo, Japan. I would like to take this time to congratulate all the teams, nations, athletes, volunteers, and all who make events such as these possible! Congratulations!!! I would also like to take note of broadcast channels / networks that did not broadcast the Paralympics at the same time or channels as the Olympics 2020, to further assume how inequality of the (dis) abled is created. Thus, I appreciated to share your happiness and success through the various social media platforms. Thank you and Congratulations!!!

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With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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