These thoughts were written as a moment to reflect upon unification beyond the human constructions, to peel away layers to reveal the eternal spiritual bond that we carry within, that must once again re-emerge for the sake of love, thus our human survival.


It it possible? Within these thoughts I reflect upon the offering of religious greetings as a creation of interfaith unity and peace, and question if these create implications especially at the International / Global level where USA Service men and women often pay the ultimate sacrifice at the hands of those that we are offering greetings to. I further posit that peace and diplomacy is possible, often vested within the hands of leaderships, who may or may not possess the synchronous thought.


“To other nations, Utopia is a blessed past never to be recovered. For America it is just beyond the horizon.” (2019) On February 29th 2020 to the amazement of the world, the United States of America signed a historic peace deal with with Afghanistan. It was historic because of the very fact that Afghanistan reachedContinue reading “29/02/20!”