On July 31st 2020 the celebration of Eid-ul-Adha took place. This Eid celebration is known as the sacrificial Eid, where according to the Quranic scripture the Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) was asked by God to sacrifice his son Ismael (The son is named as Isaac according to the bible). As Ibrahim was about to offer his son as a sacrifice, a Lamb was sent down from the heaven in place of the son for the sacrifice. We could say that the request for the sacrifice of a son was simply a test from God. To gain an internal sense of human faith, character and obedience to God. Eid-ul-Adha also celebrates the completion of the Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca / Medina / Saudi-Arabia.

As I offered my good wishes through the various social platforms, as I have always done since joining the Cyberspace community – I wondered about religious identity, different faiths that are contained within a nation, as well as global / international. We can wish each other wishes and prayers to respect religious diversity, build inclusion within our societies, communities and nations. Here we can go deeper, and think further with regards to Eastern / Western civilizations.

We purport / advocate for religious unity between civilizations. But when all is said and done – the power to create the religious unity vests upon the hands of leaders. Government / Presidents / Prime Ministers / as well as nations who are led by Royal Leadership. This is especially true when we are desiring peace, between: religious faiths, major world civilizations, endless wars, terrorist attacks, and terrorism. It is possible.

“What is the point of our existence if it leads violence and utter misery?

Krishnamurti, 1953, p. 12

But then I think about the American solider (s) who serve for missions of peace in nations that fall under the category of Eastern Civilization, such as: Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria. Or meeting points such as the Middle-East: Palestine, Gaza, Israel. I wonder to which extent can we offer greetings for religious festivities, when men and women of nations die at the hands of what can also be termed as the enemy? But then this thought can also be transferred to any nation and faith group.

Quite often as much as we desire peace, love, unity, we feel our limitation, because of our heart. The fidelity towards a specific nation. But these limitations are also set within us to recognize the heart as a warrior. That it is possible to extend hands of friendship and love between nations states, and engage in diplomacy between friends of Eastern / Western civilizations. So that maybe one day we can say that there is love, harmony, within and between nations.

“… we have to have great understanding, the strength of patience and love.”


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Dedication: The words contained within this writing are dedicated to U.S. Army Paratrooper Sergeant Bryan Cooper Mount.  Sergeant Mount was just 25 years young serving in Syria, as he was tragically killed in a military training operation in Syria. And also to the Steel hearts foundation. My heart aches to see the many young American men and women who have tragically fallen in service. It is also my hope that these mere words are a simple offering of peace between civilizations. For justice, honor and nobility, for those who walk within enemy lines bearing the cost of life. Thank you for your service.

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Reference: Krishnamurti, J. (1953). Education and the Significance of Life. New York: NY, Harper Collins., Print.

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on August 1st, 2020

My Thoughts To Share With Love & Kindness!

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