As I took the time to listen to President Joseph R. Biden Jr’s., 1st State of the Union Presidential Address that took place on March 1st 2022. I decided to reflect upon the Presidential speeches and remarks to formulate some kind of response. Given the political nature of the speech, there is always of-course scientific elements involved, such as: politics, policy formation, the state of society, in this case including the World, and all fall under the umbrella of the Social Science (s). Of-course politicians, journalists, and those who carry the backing of a title, are able to respond immediately. As the voice of opinion and view can gain immediate grounds, as well as the opportunity to form a public view and opinion. And of-course there are those like me who offer an independent contribution, view and opinion.

I found the State of the Union to be a well-rounded speech, where there was nothing immediately that we could be highly critical of. I know that the Russia-Ukraine war situation took up “attention” and a major part of the speech, but that is also because World politics effect nation polity. Especially with the collective International effort to condemn war. Examples are directly found through the sanctions upon Russia, how other nations are responding, the ripple effects, especially from the volatility of oil price.

This is also where the conversation of home energy production is cropping up, and the pressure upon America to also stop the purchase of Russian oil / energy. This conversation also paves the way for America’s energy future. Even as we care about the well-being and conservations of our Earth, we must care about and appreciate our energy sources / resources. And to recognize that the United States did cut off its relations with the largest supplier of crude oil / oil from the nation of Venezuela (Sachs & Weisbrot, 2019, p. 300). The cuts and the sanctions took a grave toll upon the people of Venezuela as well as America’s energy sources. But I have always believed that the political and humanitarian crisis within Venezuela was created by humans. Which also means that the conflict can be solved by humans. It also means to take a look back at the sanctions upon Venezuela, to analyze the direct impacts upon humans, and if it was the right decision or not? However, it is also a time for nations such as China and Venezuela to analyze their allied relations with Russia, given the death tolls, humanitarian and refugee crisis’ that are emerging from Ukraine.

The sanctions upon Russia, and the ripple effects can also be a way to regulate Russia’s Energy worth / power. But then again the gain of Ukraine to Russia will also put more energy and power into the hands of President Vladimir Putin. And as per previous blog post, the Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy was advised to take care of the nations energy bills. But the crux of the matter is that innocent civilians are left to die, suffer at the cost and hands of leaders’ decisions.

With respect to the former part of the speech we learn about the various laws / legislations that President Biden desires to have passed, including elements from the American Rescue Plan, the Freedom to Vote Act, John Lewis Voting Rights Act, the nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson and so on. And also with the natural advocacy to buy American products / productions. Which intersects with American energy production / import / export industry.

I appreciated the mention of First Lady Dr. Jill Biden’s prominent feature of Free Community College (FCC) which should be brought back to the table. I appreciated the mentions of the pathway for DREAMERS and Temporary Protected Status (TPS). This is also where we can include the idea of The Dignity Act that was introduced by U.S. Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar. I am especially concerned about the undocumented who have lived in the United States of America for more than five (5) years and do not have a claim to equal rights as American citizens.

I appreciated the mention of repairing relations with Central and South America, given that I have always advocated for America’s heritage and the natural shared histories with the Americas. I did think that it was important to include and carry the memory of the thirteen (13) U.S. soldiers who passed away from the terrorist attack during America’s Afghanistan evacuation mission. Where there is also still debate and criticism if withdrawal was the right decision or not?

As per the beginning of this blog post: Overall the State of the Union was well-rounded: recognized members of society including LGBTQ+ but drew criticism for not including the most vulnerable groups of society, including the homeless and poor, to instead focus of “ladders up” for the poor 😦 Other topics included COVID-19, the latest upon the virus, the tools that are available to the public, including the risk of more variants emerging. We could wonder if the toughest part of the Coronavirus health pandemic is over? Especially as most states including New York are removing the mask mandate and designated as optional.

As the State of the Union address ended with a note of strength. I think much of the next discussions will be related to the Russia-Ukraine war, the devastating costs associated with war, as well as energy futures.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU | I would like to thank ABC News Anchor David Muir and team for the ABC special presentation of the Presidential State of the Union Address that took place on March 1st 2022. I appreciated your coverage and was grateful to be able to listen in, and watch during this time of unprecedented fragility and insecurity stemming from the war in Ukraine.

Further Reflections | We continue to pray for the prevention of undue harm to life. I know that the United Nations and World leaders have evoked a resolution to condemn Russia, but any-kind of condemnation has not had an actual effect upon stopping a determination for war… This is also where International Law: International Humanitarian Law, International Refugee law and International Human Rights Laws can be evoked as part of the rules of war and Geneva Conventions of 1949 (Inter-Agency Standing Committee, Frequently Asked Questions on International Humanitarian, Human Rights and Refugee Law in the Context of Armed Conflict, 2004).

Lavenders for peace.


Mark Weisbrot & Jeffrey Sachs (2019) Punishing Civilians: U.S. Sanctions on Venezuela, Challenge, 62:5, 299-321,DOI: 10.1080/05775132.2019.1638094

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Notes | These thoughts were originally hand-written on March 3rd 2022. All views and opinions are my own and cited / mentioned as per required. I welcome feedback, advice, guidance and suggestions for improvement. Thank you! All the best, love from Shazia!

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