As a response to the United States of America’s decision to ban Russian Oil, I believe that at this moment in-time it is the right decision, given that the U.S. has put economic and financial sanctions upon Russia and condemned the war. It does not seem right to do business as usual, especially amidst all of the human suffering. We could compare the current Russia sanctions / situation to that of the U.S. sanctions upon Venezuela, where the oil business with America was also halted. The difference between Russia and Venezuela is that Russia is a powerful nation, is able to take care of its populations even amidst the sanctions. Whilst Venezuela was largely dependant upon foreign trade and investment, to support the needs of its population. Even with the largest known oil resources in the World, Venezuela was (is) vulnerable and fragile, and incurred a heavier cost to its people from the humanitarian crisis. As the Ukraine – Russia war conversations continue to develop, we can simply say that if there was no war, the need for the Russian oil ban would not necessarily take place.

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