My thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to the residents of Panama, Florida, USA, and the leadership of Florida for the devastating fire that has ripped through Panama, Florida, where over 100 residents were forced to evacuate their homes. The fire has currently destroyed two (2) homes and damaged twelve (12). At this time I send my deep sympathies to all affected during this difficult time. I especially offer my support given the advocacy that leaders are offering as a collective World voice for the Russia-Ukraine war. And all know too-well of the needs for local populations of service, that still need your help, guidance and leadership. Thank you for your voices of support for local communities, national and the World collective. I pray that the fire in Panama, Florida is contained as soon as possible (ASAP), that damages are minimal to life and livelihoods, to keep this beautiful city, state always preserved and protected. Thank you to our first-responders, thank you for your service.

Image Link | Panama City, Florida.

ABC NEWS | Fire forces evacuation of 100s of homes in Florida Panhandle

With Love & Kindness!

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