I am now within Chapter 3 of my book reading (Gibson, 2019). As I continue to read on, I once again want to reiterate that I am sharing and preserving points of interest to me. For the hope of future research endeavours. But for the time-being, I must say that I am grateful for this learning that builds upon previous knowledge. And as I concluded years earlier; Latin American, Latin / Hispanic American history is complex. It is like any kind of knowledge building / creating; to be selective about what you would like to focus upon. Whist of course the conquest missions and victories for territory were not without struggle, death and bloodsheds. the missions continued with perseverance and in my view – a kind of wondrous awe as the Spanish contemplated upon what was found within American land mass.

SUMMARY – In 1548, 3 large veins of silver were found nearby Zacatecas (p. 64), which in now located within Mexico, and it was the Spanish who introduced horse riding to the indigenous people. The turbulence between the Pueblo and Spanish were especially noted from the indigenous practices including witch-craft. Those who carried out such practices were charged, received punishment, held accountable for and even death (p. 73). This point made me think about practices of such kind that take place today. While many are sceptical, I wonder: could and should individuals and groups who utilize sorcery, witch-craft, or use the spiritual realm to hurt and harm others be held accountable?

Within the tensions just as the Spanish King desired peaceful missions, the indigenous also eventually came to meeting points of peace and love (p. 75).

Spanish exploration of American land mass continued. During expeditions the explorers found large quantities of pearls, and referred to this land as California (p. 77). Historic architecture such as the Catholic Spanish mission entitled the “White Dove of the Desert” (p. 79) in Tucson, Arizona survives. The moorish inspired architecture can offer links between the European Muslims who inhabited Catholic Spain.

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Reference: Gibson, C. (2019). EL NORTE The Epic and Forgotten History of Hispanic North America. New York: Atlantic Monthly Press.

Further Information: HISTORY | Zacatecas

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Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on May 19th 2021. Please note that all views and opinions are my own as referenced as per needed. I originally created a page for all my book reading notes, but further decided to create blog posts as needed, as the reading and thoughts desire. Thank you for your continued readership!

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