On May 16th, 2021 the Miss Universe competition took place, although I learned of this after the fact, I was quite stunned for the win claimed by Mexico’s Andrea Meza, and of course I am sure was a well-deserved win. Many may still perceive pageants such as these as controversial, maybe they are or not? But I think beauty in every shape and form is also something that needs to be embraced and celebrated as integral to God’s creation. And what I appreciate about such competitions is that anyone who is picked as a winner realizes that the platform to serve consists of the exterior and interior, to offer the character within to the universe / world and the country of representation. I am proud of the former Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi 2019 and how she celebrated and crowned her successor Miss Mexico. Exemplifying that the peoples of various skin color, and nations can celebrate and love one-another. This is especially an important win for the nation of Mexico, a nation which is often down-played by drug-trafficking stories, illegal migrations, and of-course the migration stories that take place as the United States of America’s southern border. I hope that this win serves to lift the morale of the people of Mexico, strengthen relations that occur from partnerships, such as the United States, Mexico and Canada Agreement (USMCA), and maybe you will work towards offering glimmers of hope to the many that you will serve! Congratulations Miss Mexico Andrea Meza, Miss Universe 2021!!!

My Thoughts To Share With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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