My thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives, loved ones and all who mourn the losses from the tragic shooting that took place on June 19th 2022 in Washington DC., USA. The incident claimed the life of 3 civilians and 1 police officer during a Moechella event. During the event thousands ofContinue reading “WASHINGTON, DC.”


On the occasion of Father’s Day I would like to take the time to wish everyone that celebrates a very happy Father’s Day 2022! As I take the time to reflect upon this day I realize that our relations with parents will always have their ups and downs, as according to any-kind of human relationships,Continue reading “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY 2022!”


On March 16th 2022 Father’s Day is celebrated in Spain. I join all who celebrate Father’s Day on this Day in Spain a very Happy Father’s Day 2022! To also especially share these greetings to you, to share with the Spanish, Hispanic, Latino/a/x community (s) within America who may also be celebrating Father’s Day asContinue reading ”  FELIZ DIA DEL PADRE!”