I wanted to take the time to think and reflect upon International Women’s Day 2023, and the 17th Annual International Women of Courage Awards ceremony that took place at The White House. While I couldn’t join you virtually for all of the event, I was able to chime in for about 3-4 minutes via the livestream broadcast.

Later I decided to catch-up and review the event. I felt grateful for the leadership of The White House, to honor women that may actually be conflicted with America’s politics, but to me this also exemplified how civilians become caught up with macro-political views, but simply want to become contributing members of society. Please see video below:

From the Women of Courage Awards we can utilize the example of advocacy for the women of Iran, the Iranian regime and the recent death of Amini. Or the Afghan women that received awards, as the American withdrawal strategy still remains a conversation piece. We can also see how this event brings together diverse women from various countries such as: Ethiopia, Costa-Rica and Ukraine.

The event took place amidst the on-going Russia-Ukraine tensions, which of course can be a moment to advocate for some-kind of conclusions to war-torn actions. I appreciated the advocacy pertaining to the disproportionate international aid; here we can include monetary as well as humanitarian strategies. I look forward to learning more about the Cross-Women Government strategy as well.

I reflected upon the rights of girls and women, the many advocacies that are still needed, and also connected ideas with the rights of a wife. I think it takes a noble women to recognize the relational bonds that have pre-existed with a man / partner / husband. And I think that it is within the right of a woman / partner / wife to also be worthy of being treated with respect, hence; to know the limits of being trodden on or unaccepted. My thoughts are also linked to the rights of a wife, intimate partner relations, fundamental human rights that are essential for creating healthy relationships.

“Your wife has a claim to your politeness, to your respect…”

(Austen, p. 307).

I was also pleased to note that the current and former First Ladies of The White House named as Dr. Jill Biden, Mrs. Melania Trump, Mrs. Michelle Obama, Mrs. Laura Bush, Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Mrs. Rosalynn Carter are working together as Honorary Chairs for the Women’s Suffrage National Monument. Congratulations!

As with historical and contemporary political views, the First Ladies may not agree with each-others opinions, but I do think that their experiences, particular passions and advocacies are relevant to preserve for future generations. I also recognize that the historical suffrage movement is the pioneering movement of the early White / Caucasian Settlers in America.

I am cognizant that the representation of the honorary chairs is black and white, to recognize how diversity is often left-out. I thought that there is room and opportunity to think about the Hispanic / Latino women voices, and how to integrate these women within the story of America?

Further Reflections:

While this idea might not be directly linked to the Suffrage Movement, I wonder how or if future monuments / foundations could honor Hispanic / Latino / American-Cuban politicians, their stories and in-particular relating to Communism, regimes, brutality that forces individuals to leave one’s homeland.

I appreciate the efforts of the political community: Senior Senator for Florida Marco Rubio, Congresswoman María Elvira Salazar, and the first ever U.S. Cuban-American elected Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. I am sure there are probably more individuals that we could mention. I am thankful for the leadership and learning of Senator Rubio (R- FLA) from your public platforms. Sometimes our opinions / views differentiate, and I think it is absolutely ok. Thank you for your commitment to the current issues pertaining to U.S. Intelligence, threats to the homeland domestic and foreign, that essentially initiate current and future directions to minimize risks or threats of all-kinds. I support Congresswoman María’s initiatives / ideas of the Dignity Act. The pressing issues of concern surrounding immigration reforms, the U.S. / Mexico Southern border, Central and South America. Thank you for all your efforts.

Congratulations to all the International Women of Courage Award recipients!!

Further Reading:

  • Image 1 | Link | #WomenofCourage U.S. Department of State
  • Twitter Link and Handle | .@SenRubioPress
  • Reference: Austen, Jane. Sense and Sensibility. New York, Penguin Classics, 1995.

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on March 13th 2023. Please note that all views and opinions are my own. Thank you for your continued readership.

With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸 💐

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