As I took the time to reflect upon my previous blog post, I noted that the author Carrie Gibson (2019) had included Ileana Ros-Lehtinen as the first U.S. Cuban-American elected U.S. Congress-woman within her book (2019). In addition as I have been taking the time to learn about the Cuba-America political community, I would like to include The Honorable U.S. Florida Senator and Vice-Chairman of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee Marco Antonio Rubio (R-FL). Senator Rubio is a Miami born American-Cuban. Senator Rubio’s parents migrated from Cuba to the United States of America during the Falgencio Batista Dictatorship. Senator Marco Rubio is currently serving with American Politician Rick Scott. Congress-Woman Maria Elvira Salazar is also an American-Cuban politician that serves Florida’s 27th Congressional District.

I was impressed to learn of the American-Cuban background and experiences, and in a special way, your contributions Senator Rubio to the U.S. Senate and Political Advocacy to the United States of America. Given that the formation of the U.S. was not without battles and revolutions, the links between Cuba and America are relevant, and deserve to be recognized. As we have immense American-Cuban contributions in State and representation within Capitol Hill, Washington DC., USA.

While today Cuba is an independent country, there is history that binds Cuba with America, such as the Platt Amendment, the Treaty of Relations and Guantanamo Bay. That is a land lease from Cuba to America. As well as the historical possession and claim to Cuba from the Spanish Empire.

The United States has had a historical vested interest within Cuba. This also resurfaced previously as we saw the #SOSCUBA movements, that created protests in Tampa Bay, Florida that were also led to Washington DC. Politicians such as Congresswoman Maria raised her voice and was requesting help from the White House and current Biden Administration. To demand attention to the Cuban people, who face brutality, are silenced and much more through Communism and dictatorship regimes.

However, the attention upon the #SOSCUBA movement was swayed given the creation of other news media stories, such as tragedy and the politics of the day. This also reveals that institutions are also a type of Democratic regime that possess the ability to create limits to peace, democracy and democratic movements. We are also able to connect this thought to the current Roe v. Wade protests that are taking place outside of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington D.C., USA.

Dedications | These thoughts are dedicated to the American-Cuban community and all who support your endeavours as a political voice. In most cases the voice is strengthened with the support of colleagues and the political as a collective. Thank you for your immense on-going contributions to make a positive impact within the state you serve and the country of America. Your advocacy, roles and presence is needed and vital for populations of service and much more.

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Reference: Gibson, C. (2019). EL NORTE The Epic and Forgotten History of Hispanic North America. New York: Atlantic Monthly Press.

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on May 6 and 7, 2022. All views and opinions are my own.

With Love & kindness! 🇺🇸

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