I would like to wish all the countries that are collectively included as Somos iberoamérica! that is translated as We are Ibero-America from the Spanish language, a very happy Somos Iberoamérica day on this July 19th 2022. Somos iberoamérica / Ibero-America are the regions of the Americas that speak, Spanish and Portuguese as the pre-dominant language.

While the United States of America is not formally listed as a country to be included as Somos iberoamérica, Hispanic America is included, these are the countries that in Northern, Central and Southern regions of America that are Spanish and Portuguese speaking. The Somos iberoamérica summit is a yearly meeting that is held by the leaders of the nations, with the Spanish king, King Felipe VI of Spain as honorary chair.

I reflected upon this day and wondered if there was room or should states / communities that are predominantly Spanish and Portuguese speaking from the United States of America be formally included within the summit and Somos iberoamérica? This thought is also relevant given America’s proximity to South / Latin America, cultural and historical links, as well as the present political conversations of migrations, trade, partnerships and cooperations, that are necessary or are affective with Somos iberoamérica / Ibero-America.

To all who celebrate and take part in the summit I wish you all the very best, as I take the time to appreciate the history of languages that are linked to the nation of America. Thank you! 🙂

With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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