As I took the time to reflect upon my previous writings, I began to question: why was there a need to justify the desire to write and reflect about a classic English novel, or any-kind of novel? While I appreciate that there is much more one can learn for the purposes of human development, and also for preserving the reading for pleasure. I think that this feeling really came from current events that are in our midst, and a shift of focus that was required for reflective writing. As current issues of the day also require thinking energy. To connect to the idea of caring for humanity is also a type of human development, thus; one must truly care, to care.

Especially concerning is the on-going conversation of the U.S. and Mexico border, as there is an escalation of migrants, that endanger their lives in-order to try to seek a better life. I previously connected this idea to the American Dream, as the land of opportunity, and felt a type of death and disease that was being borne to the sacred values that are created with nation formation.

I appreciated that Senate Republicans held a live conference that focused upon migrants, illegal migration, as well as the humanitarian crisis that are often foreshadowed by the rhetoric of illegal. The views of the Senate Republicans are appreciated. In-particular I wondered why the horse whipping of migrants along the Texas border was fabricated by the news media sources? These thoughts are also intertwined with another current reading that is the report that was released by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Jim Risch (R-ID) entitled: Biden’s Border Crisis: Examining Policies that Encourage Illegal Migration” on June 22nd 2022. The report was signed by: Senators John Barrasso (R-WY), Rob Portman (R-OH), Ted Cruz (R-TX), Todd Young (R-IN), Mike Rounds (R-SD), and Bill Hagerty (R-TN) (United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Minority Report, 2022).

I would like to take the time to thank you for the information contained within the report. There is room for detailed analysis of the report, to focus upon particular areas, similar to the ideas as mentioned of novel reading and study. But of-course the content differs. Within the contexts of the report, and connections to the Texas Migrant truck / caravan: I assumed there were some type of connections to human smuggling, and was saddened to learn that there is truth to the assumption. Especially as organized crime / gangs and human smuggling networks give false hope to the vulnerable who think that there is no other way.

I also reflected upon caravan routes that are organized by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) (2022, p. 30). In my view: If NGOs have created these pathways for the genuine concern of human suffering, then there should also be a chance and opportunity given to those abroad the caravans. But then we also consider why Caravans that are supported by NGOs become targeted? We can also connect with Government administrations that give false hope to the vulnerable yet, to find that life is cast away into the shadows of death.

In-particular specific populations that are being targeted over and over again. To reckon with the fact that even as the Biden Administration has taken steps to confront the history of slavery, it too must confront and come to terms with the Hispanic / Latino/a/x populations, and histories that bind the peoples of nations together. Maybe the populations to the South of the border are asking for your help?

This too is also in the best interests of the leaders of nations where migrants are coming from, such as Mexico. While President Biden did meet with Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador before leaving for the Middle-East tour to Israel, the West Bank and Saudi-Arabia, partnerships and cooperation with South and Central America are essential for the interests of all nations, that are trying to curb and eliminate human smuggling – to support and create economic opportunity for migrants that are seeking to leave their countries, raise living conditions, but there also is intertwined the topic of safety. Where one does not feel safe, one is much more inclined to fight and flight for human survival. Migrations also stem from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

The harsh reality is that human traffickers are on the prowl, to entice and recruit gang members, adults and children. Minors are elicited into sex and drug trafficking, amongst much more, treated as businesses and endure horrific conditions. And these too are the individuals that are desperately seeking to make ways to the Mexico and USA borderlands (p.25-33).

There is much more to say upon the matters and it will be interesting to see if there is an official response from the Biden Administration. I thank Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) for your continued advocacy, and raising awareness of the consequences of Fentanyl, drug smuggling and addictions. I thank Senate Republicans and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) who have taken the time to visit the USA-Mexico border / Rio Grande Valley to observe what is taking place.

As this writing also tries to support your voices, efforts and concerns. My mind shifts to the latter (first paragraph of this blog post) and wondered that reading for pleasure, and simply wanting to do this is maybe a luxury? Especially as we think of anyone in these types of circumstances that can’t even consider such, thus; the desire to preserve reading, increasing literate populations that will too contribute for human development and social progressions.

Reference: United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Minority Report. (2022, June 22). BIDEN’S BORDER CRISIS: EXAMINING POLICIES THAT ENCOURAGE ILLEGAL MIGRATION. https://www.rubio.senate.gov/public/_cache/files/996c632a-a8fc-42af-82b6-e17bd78e4fcd/8A8D08C49AD2639ECEDE548FAD397581.348219-mexico-northern-central-america-report.pdf

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Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on July 17th 2022. All views and opinions are my own and are cited a per required.

With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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