FCC – Free Community College was a part of President Biden’s Build Back Better Plan, which was noted earlier this week as “no longer included.” I was saddened to hear about this as I have always advocated for open-access for knowledge, thus to promote and allow the accessibility of knowledge, this is especially relevant for the purposes of the social-scientific fields, as scientists / researchers are fully aware of their obligation and responsibility towards society, to give what is learned to help build better communities, societies, hence social innovations for societal growth. Free community college would have given adolescents, or those who could not necessarily afford post-secondary education more incentives to apply to a community college. Paving the way to curb-crime, violence or gang related activities, offering another way, a purpose for students to stay in school. Free Community College also intertwines nicely with the creation of jobs, to give provisions for the building of human skills. It is with these thoughts I wish that Free Community College is put back on the table, as part of the Build Back Better Plan, that I also termed as Build Better Forward! 🙂 I also would like to take this opportunity to advocate for free access to Journals research articles and a variety of data bases And to thank First Lady Dr. Jill Biden for raising our awareness.

I have always tried to share my learning as much as possible via my websites, please feel free to visit my ABOUT US! page where my websites are listed. Please also type in keywords within this website homepage to find any relevant information for your search purposes. Thank you and welcome!

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With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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