Winter Olympics 2022 | TEAM USA!!!

Please join me in congratulating Team USA for their performances during the Winter Olympics 2022 that took place in Beijing, China. Whilst my thoughts do echo those prior, with regards to sports and sports tournaments, I am not able to tune in on a regular basis, but I do support you on a regular basis!!! I especially loved to see the skating competitions, that combine ice skating as a form of sport and dance. The science of bodily movement where I believe that the power, force and strength of the dancers are balanced with gentleness and emotion, to create the feeling of human bodies that flow together through the movements, which I think is actually a duifficult skill that is acquired with the development of this ice-dance skill. And of course these thoughts are relevant for all the Winter Olympic events that took place, such as skiing, snow-boarding, the rivalry of Ice Hockey and much more. It is with these thoughts I thank all the athletes that compete at the professional-level for their nation, and recognize the athletes who took part in the Winter Olympics for a final time. Congratulations upon your Olympic Sports career! I wish all the athletes the very best for the upcoming Winter Paralympics that are yet to come in Beijing, China. I also congratulate Italy that is chosen as the destination for the 2026 Olympics!!! Until then I wish you all health, happiness, prosperity, success, longevity, and much more, so that we can enjoy the beautiful olympic ceremonies, athletes, athletic performances from the nations of the World! I echo the words of the Olympic Committee to Congratulate Beijing, China and the people of China for the successful Olympics of 2022! Thank you! Congratulations TEAM USA for your success, determination, the tearful moments both in pain and joy! All the best!

The Olympic Snowflake reminded me of our Christmas Sugar Cookies! To share with y’all Yummy! Thank you Congratulations!!! 🙂

  • Image 1 Link
  • Image 2 and 3 | Personal images of our Christmas Sugar Cookies 2021
  • Image 4 Link

With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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