On January 6th 2022 it is the celebration of the Three Kings Day, that is also known as the Epiphany Day and Feliz Dia De Reyes within the Spanish Culture. As per previous writing this day is most often celebrated / commemorated the day after New year’s Day which is January the 2nd, and as per tradition January the 6th. As part of this new learning I decided I would like to take part in this tradition and celebration, which truly does incorporate the idea of Christmas as a festival. I actually think it is quite common sense, especially as the lead-up, preparation and advent season is approximately a month, thus; a celebration / festival in these traditional terms is about 2 weeks in length, also known as the Christmas Octave. For Feliz Dia De Reyes I baked this traditional cake / bread which is called Roscon de Reyes, Spanish Kings Cake!!! That I decorated to signify as gifts from the wise to baby Jesus. Please enjoy this delightful, delicious kings cake, to celebrate the Christmas birth baby Jesus and crowned as Christ Jesus. Thank you for your service.

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With heartfelt love & kindness! 🎄💃🇺🇸

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