The truth is that I was taking the time to reflect upon my previous thoughts, particularly the last few words pertaining to the situation in Venezuela. Whilst there was criticism of the previous administrations economic and financial sanctions upon the Maduro regime, the Biden Administration has yet to address this matter. The sanctions are viewed as inhumane from a humanitarians perspective, given the toll and affect upon human life. But from a political point of view; a mechanism to exert control and pressure upon a regime (Jermano, 2018). The use of sanctions to create some type of effect is questionable, but since there is a lack of, or even no response from the Maduro regime to declare a humanitarian crisis within its own nation, to seek political negotiation and solutions by reaching out to USA counter-parts for any kind of resolutions to sanctions – the case to continue humanitarian efforts continues.

We can view this from the recent announcements of the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Venezuelan’s living in America. Whilst this is a welcoming announcement, we can question if nations such as China and Russia have betrayed the Venezuela, by exporting oil from PDVSA, Venezuela’s state-owned oil and natural gas manufacturer, year after year. And now that Venezuela is in need they are no longer present (Gedan, 2017). Which once again serves for us to ponder, how the Venezuelan situation is not only a responsibility but also a duty for the USA (2017).

Of course others will argue, but what about Mexico? Of course these matters exist and have existed, even before the Trump administration took effect. We cannot blame: Biden, Trump, Obama per se, because Migration surges have remained continuous throughout the years. Revealing the concrete need to develop solutions. Building walls, keeping people out, or ignoring the situation, never allows for resolution. Even if something or another is put off for a while, it will need to be tended too. Just as powerful nations have taken advantage of and exploited Venezuela, Venezuelan resources and now the people are suffered. The sad part of it all is that Maduro fails to acknowledge this, to leave foreign leadership in a precarious position, given the humanitarian effect.

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Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on March 22nd 2021. Please note that all views and opinions within this writing are my own, and referenced as per needed. This blog page contains research from my recent Ph.D. research, please cite and reference appropriately if anyone desires to utilize the views and opinions contained within this blog post. Thank you!

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