I was taking the time to reflect upon my previous writings and the current events that are unfolding with the passage of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and the citizenship pathway for DREAMER’s / DACA recipients. I found relevance to this reflection, particularly as social analysts predicted the hispanic / latino population growth within America (Flink, 2018), thus, the need to formulate real policy, pathways, and social inclusion methods now. Of course this can once again unsettle social movements such as Black Lives Matter and so on, but the fact of the matter is that conversations for black equity are not complete without the integration of other minority populations including majority (Bensimon, 2007; Moll & Ruiz, 2002).

What is interesting about the passage of TPS and the DACA / DREAMERS pathway to citizenship is that these needs arise for the creation of policy formation and implementations, as we cannot afford to ignore populations who are valid contributors within society, including the undocumented. My response / reflection is also connected to China’s criticism of black individuals who are living in America, during the U.S. – China meetings held in Alaska. Thus, the need to look after the many needs of all segments of the populations within America.

However, these thoughts can be linked to the historical civil unrests that are derived from the very American revolutions and independence. Whilst Independence did happen, it must be noted that there were disagreements between the founding fathers (Wilson, 1974), but I guessed that the agreement for American Independence was needed to separate America from the abolishment movements, which were further developed with the Emancipation Acts and the Abraham Lincoln presidency. Due to present research I have found that the American Revolution was created with the formation of the 13 United States colonies with the aid of prominent Spanish Military leader: Bernado de Galvez y Madrid. Abolishment movements and legislations began to form before the Lincoln Presidency, although Abraham Lincoln did enact the original Emancipation proclamation of 1865.

The historical traces connect to what is taking place to the present day, which we can connect especially to the current events of George Floyd. But the passages of TPS or the DACA / DREAMERS pathway to citizenship does not mean that certain values and beliefs are changing, but simply evolving with social progress and population needs.

It is with these thoughts that I would argue that I found China’s criticism as baseless. However, I continue to hope that the U.S.A. – China meeting in Alaska develops to one of co-operation, peace and serenity; especially as China was previously and maybe still is connected to Venezuelan trade partnerships, as America tries to salvage and protect Venezuela’s vulnerable……( America has provided humanitarian aid to Venezuela, the current Biden Administration has not taken steps to address Venezuelan Sanctions and the Venezuelan Regime that has created the humanitarian crisis / disaster.


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Image Link | This is an image of the Peony flowers grown in Alaska, and the Peony flower is also a Chinese national flower, which I decided to share to echo the development of the USA-China meeting in Alaska as one of co-operation and peace.

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on March 19th 2021. Please note that all views and opinions within this writing are my own, and referenced as per needed. This blog page contains research from my Masters M. Ed, and recent Ph.D. research please cite and reference appropriately if anyone desires to utilize the views and opinions contained within this blog post. Thank you!

This blog post was updated to include current research findings on July 27th 2021. Please note that the words with a strikethrough.

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