The truth is that I am always inspired to see the beautiful images of military couples sharing their love on instagram pages. The popular pages that I follow on instagram are as follows: Love and Military, Militarywives_, Lovingmyhero and milspouse_101. There is a certain romanticism associated with the kisses, hugs and love of military couples. I took a moment to reflect upon this idea. Of course the intensity of love, desire, needs, wants, the excruciating depths of love – anyone would crave, to touch, to feel the very completeness of loves feeling.

But behind this love I pondered upon the sacrifices that active military couples face upon a day to day basis. The feelings of the unknown and the waiting. I wondered how times as this of being apart from one’s spouse / partner / loved one would affect the human psyche, thus the realization of the sacrifices that are borne from the ultimate, kisses, hugs and love of uniting with a loved one.

These thoughts are also extended to the many civilians who may not serve formally in a uniform, but have sacrificed so much directly and indirectly for a nation, especially as we hear of the mass shootings, the loved ones who have passed away, and the ones who are left to grieve.

Love is precious.

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Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on March 24th 2021

My Thoughts To Share With Love & Kindness!

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