I was taking the time to reflect upon the beautiful Valentine’s that First Lady Dr. Jill Biden had shared to the nation, and then further wondered how unity can be achieved as a new administration settles in and an impeachment trial of a former President proceeds?

To echo the message of unity I created the following paper peace love hearts, with the word love written in the language of Urdu which is my mother tongue / native language, Spanish, French and English.

UPDATE | After writing and publishing this blog post I learned that former President Donald J. Trump was acquitted of Impeachment as charged for the Insurrection of the Capitol Riots that took place in Washington DC. Whilst this is welcoming news to allow for the new Presidency to settle and focus upon the matters which affect a nation, national and international, it is also a time to observe how the Former President Trump and team will embrace this news. I have always believed that a legal system does need to exist, but I also know that systems do sometimes set-up to dehumanize. Nevertheless how victory and defeat is embraced is also a true test.

My thoughts to share and a question that I will further ponder upon. Lots of love & kindness! 🙂

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