As the winter lingers on I suppose I want to keep feeling the warmth of the Christmas spirt but of course time continues to move us forward as the day turns into night and the night turns into day. The cycles of life producing and reproducing feeling the force of life that is measured with the magnitude of love. I connect the life-giving forces to the approaching time of Valentine’s Day that originated with St. Valentine. Although love of course is a requirement each and every day, the celebrations and traditions of St. Valentine are kept alive with the proclamations of love that are exchanged with one-another.

But the very day once again reminded me of the human relations, heart breaks, heart aches, that of-course one would wish away, but the very perils become intertwined within a love story and settle to become part of the life-story. We too are reminded of a human dependency of one with another. Maybe I only really understood my own dependancy and not the dependency of another? Maybe it is the mutual exchanges of love and its reciprocity that allows us to know this very dependency?

Although I know that many would prefer to shun away from the word dependant, because it requires the acquisition of something or someone; given the independency that is promoted. But quite often love relations, intimate sexual relations become those of dependency. Where the consuming of one-another becomes the object of life, thus; the life giving force.

I would presume this dependency upon all types of intimate love relations. And of course wouldn’t want it in any other way. Why would I? Because it is also within this dependency there is a form of completion. Maybe that is what love is and what love does? To consume one another, each-other. A complete totality of the heart, mind, body and soul. To eventually become the living, breathing, embodiment of one-another, each-other. This is the firm root that is built through human intimacy, that is profoundly – beautiful.

Notes | These thoughts were originally hand-written on January 30th 2020.

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