Christopher Columbus, Capitol Rodunda, Relief Sculpture, Washington, DC., USA.

On the eve of the first anniversary of the Capitol riots that took place on December 6th 2021. I would like to reiterate my thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to the victims who tragically lost their lives from these attacks. And everyone who was affected, especially to mention the U.S. senate / U.S. congress members. At the time these riots and protests were taking place, initially I did not realize the extent of what was occurring, even the images portrayed by the media were surreal. As it is not common for us to see such within what we term as “Western Civil Society.” However, in these days of the horrible pandemic we are placed at a point where “anything is possible.” Life is lived on a day-to-day basis, where human security is being debated each and every day.

As I write today: I connected the word insurrection with history. Especially from the Mexican revolution and the insurrection of Puerto Rico. Most often violence is a claim or a type of demand. This type of civil unrest is triggered / sparked from riots and violence. There are judicial processes in place. However, if the judicial processes are systemically true / accurate or not is always open to question.

As the violence is condemned, I think of a family, a family unit that might not be your typical nuclear family unit, but the people that live together are bonded with this word of family. The years of effort to keep people together are simply destroyed with a few acts, or what we could term as invaders. Similar to the macrocosm of a democracy, that is wrought together by everyone, simply becomes fragile and destroyed by such, once again re-build or try again. To reveal that even a Government is not finite, and doesn’t have the final say. However, Government does try to operate to keep societies and nations to function in some type of orderly fashion.

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Image Reference: Architect of the Capitol: Captiol Rotunda. (2002, January 5). Retrieved from

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on January 5th 2021.

With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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