As I take a moment to solemnly reflect upon Memorial Day 2022. I think of the hurts and pains that are felt by those who have lost loved ones, and the ones who mourn and grieve. Maybe it is also a day where we remember our own hurts and pains? Maybe it is also a time to remember that each-other’s pain deserves to be respected, and that one-another’s pain should not be compared as greater or less? Thus, to recognize that this also invalidates the human being, as pain is inherently linked to ones soul – the emotional being, and further is a creator of the stressors to the body. That make us prone to illness, disease and the effects upon our health, hence; the physiological physical links of the human body. This is also where we can connect our stories, our life stories as a mechanism to share in each others courage, hope, building resilience in how we cope with pain, mourning loss, and the associated memories.

To all who have served, serve and sacrifice for nation – God Bless You and God Bless America!

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Notes: Originally hand-written as a letter form and personal reflections upon Memorial Day at approximately 2: 38 PM. Thank you with love and Kindness.

All Gave Some & Some Gave All. 🇺🇸

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